Implementing the export-customs clearance process isn't too complexin Vietnam. However, it requires the person carrying out customs procedures to have the experience to avoid errors during the implementation process. Today we will learn about the export-customs clearance process so that we can understand and ensure delivery to partners on time:

→ Refer to the import-customs clearance procedure

→ Costs that will incur when implementing import-export customs

Firstly, what is customs clearance for exports?

Customs clearance for exports is finding out information about goods, state policies of Vietnam, and importing countries. After finding out, we will prepare a complete set of documents according to the requirements of the customs and the importing country for the stability of exporting the goods.


What is the export-customs clearance procedure?

Check the necessary documents at the request of the importer?

You should ask consignees about the documents they need and then check with state authorities about those requirements to know if you can fulfill them or not.

Depending on the type of goods and the importing country, you need to prepare a different set of documents, but the simplest is:

  • Bill
  • Invoice
  • Packing list
  • Documents about specialized examination (Phytosanitary, Health Certificate, Certificate of Origin (CO), etc.)

You need to check this step carefully because if you lack one of the export documents, your goods may be returned or canceled by the consignee.

In case you don't know the customs procedures for export goods, it is better to hire a specialized agent (example: Sea Dragon company)

Electronic customs declaration on customs software, including

  • Register business information on the customs system.
  • Buy digital signature and electronic customs declaration software to be able to transfer data to the customs office.
  • Declare and transmit shipment data to the Customs office.
  • The customs documents will be classified into three types by the software: Green, yellow, and red (will be detailed in step 4)

If you hire a customs agent service, you don't need to do anything at this stage, nor do you need to buy digital signatures and customs software (example: Sea Dragon company)


Schedule export and prepare for export customs clearance, including:

Contact the shipping lines to choose appropriate shipping information, including:

  • Day of packing cargo into the container
  • Departure date from Vietnam
  • Date of arrival in the country of import

Contact the company providing the semi-trailer truck to arrange packing and towing the full-goods container or transferring the goods to the port for export-customs clearance.

Contact specialized agencies to prepare necessary registration procedures, for example, sampling for plant/animal quarantine, quality inspection, supervision agency, certification of origin, etc.

Customs clearance for export goods at Port/Airport

After electronic customs declaration and specialized registration, you bring the customs documents to the port/airport for customs clearance.

The set of documents is divided into three types:

  • Green - You need to submit the documents for liquidation and then pick up the goods. This case is very rare.
  • Yellow – the customs will check the set of documents on paper Tasks of this step includes submitting documents, testing documents. If your record is ok, your shipment will be cleared for customs clearance and liquidated for export.
  • Red – Your shipment will be fact-checked. It is necessary to prepare lots of things because the customs will check very carefully and it is easy to take your money. If you are a new company exporting for the first time, the percentage for this case is 100%.

Complete the set of documents for export customs procedures

For goods exported by sea, you complete the original documents from the carrier and the authorities such as quarantine, Ministry of Industry and Trade, quality control and supervision agencies, etc. Then send out by courier to foreign partners.

For goods exported by air, you need to complete and send the original documents with the cargo. Therefore, you need to prepare carefully due to the urgency of time.

The export customs clearance service of Aloha company

The export customs clearance service of Aloha company will support customers with all the above tasks, ensuring that the orders are exported on time and with sufficient documents.


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